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Peoples Bank & Trust Co. offers a variety of loan products at competitive rates. Whether your needs are for short-term or long-term borrowing, Peoples Bank & Trust Co. is here to provide the money you need with the personal attention that only a community bank can provide. Consumer loans are available at fixed and variable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get a consumer loan?
The bank will need you to fill out an application with your basic information, such as: Social Security number, Primary and Secondary ID and Purpose of the loan

What information would I need for a joint consumer loan?
The same information that’s needed when opening an individual account, but you’ll need it for both applicants

Where can I apply for the loan?
Visit us at any location to handle your consumer loan needs

What is my rate?
Rates will be determined after we underwrite your application for your consumer loan.  Based on several variables and you would need to apply to be able to get a rate.

When am I approved?
You would be approved after we underwrite your loan.  Depending on your product could be same day to several days. Contact a lender to find out more depending on the product you’re wanting.

What term can I pick?
The bank will work with you to find a term that best fits your budget depending on the loan product selections.  Find out more from a lender near you.

I have a bad credit score, can I still get a loan?
As a community bank we strive to help our customers’ needs and work with them every way we can. The bank does have a loan product that may help a customer with a lower credit score still get a loan.  Contact a lender to find out more.

I’m wanting to buy a house or refinance, what do I do?
Visit any location or contact our Mortgage Office headquarters to find out what loan product fits your personal needs best.

I’m wanting to build a house, what do I do?
Contact a lender to find out what documentation would be needed in order to find out how much you qualify for!

What is an escrow?
There are several forms of an escrow account. An escrow account in general is a holding account to allocate funds to certain needs based on the loan product.  In Real Estate, an escrow account is collected at closing and maintained by the bank to pay Insurance and property taxes.

Listed below are just a few of the loans that we offer to our customers.

Automobiles, Boats and Other Recreational Vehicles: Click Here for an Online Application!

Construction Loans and Lot Financing: Finance the construction of owner-occupied or 1-4 family rental properties. Click Here for an Online Application!

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC): Generally established as a revolving line of credit based on your home's equity (Please consult your accountant for tax deductibility of interest expense.) Click Here for an Online Application!

Home Improvement Loans: Cost effective, tax deductible term financing for all of your home repairs, renovations and honey-do projects. (Please consult your accountant for tax deductibility of interest expense.) Click Here for an Online Application!

Deposit Secured Loans: Take that dream vacation or consolidate existing credit while saving time and money.  Click Here for an Online Application!

TO APPLY FOR ANY LOAN ABOVE: Fill out an application online, call one of our Loan Officers or come by the bank to pick up an application.

All Personal Loans come with:

Online Banking with Funds Manager Recieve Text Message Alerts For All Account Activity Mobile App
Ability to Auto-Transfer Payment From Checking